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Job Descriptions

Timer: Timers are responsible for determining the time achieved by a swimmer in their assigned lane and then reporting the time to a scribe. All timers must attend a short timer meeting prior to the beginning of each meet. As a timer, you will be on the pool deck and you must be able to stand or walk throughout your shift.

Scribe: Scribes are assigned to a lane and record a swimmer’s time. Prior to the start of the race, a scribe should confirm the swimmer is in the correct lane. The scribe will then record the times provided by the timers and then provide the time sheets to the meet runner. As a scribe, you will be on the pool deck and must be able to sit for the duration of the shift. Attention to detail and legible handwriting is important.

Runner: Volunteer delivers timer sheets and heat sheets from the computer room to the ready bench, referee, starter and scribes. You will also gather the completed sheets and return them to the computer room. Role requires frequent walking throughout shift.

Ready Bench: Volunteer helps to organize swimmers by event, heat and lane. You will help get swimmers in the proper order to the staging area behind the blocks and then help to maintain the swimmer’s order. Ready bench volunteers indicate open lanes by placing a kick board on the starting block. As a ready bench volunteer, you will be on the pool deck and must be able to stand and walk the duration of your shift. The ability to lead young people and be calm in the midst of some chaos is important.

Tent Parent: Volunteer helps to gather swimmers from the swimmer tent to deliver them to the ready bench as heats are run. Tent parents must actively monitor the progress on the ready bench to ensure swimmers are ready to move as their race approaches. Swimmers are organized in a line first heat to last. As a ready bench volunteer, you will be walking and standing throughout your shift and you must be comfortable supervising swimmers of all ages.

Computer Room Support: Volunteer helps in the computer room entering swim time results as well as posting times. You will be inside during your volunteer shift.

Merchandise Sales: Volunteer helps to sell team and other merchandise. Thisrequires the volunteer to be in a location near the pool deck for the majority of the meet and stand for the duration of the shift.

Heat Sheet and Shout Out Sales: Volunteer must be checked in and at the heat sheet/shout out sales table no later than 7:30 at home meets. You will be responsible for sales of heat sheets as well as sales of shout outs to swimmers. Volunteer will deliver the shout out sheets to the meet announcer. This role requires standing for the duration of the shift.

Concession Sales: Volunteer will work in concessions selling food. There will be three shifts per meet with the first shift volunteers arriving to help set up concessions and the third shift staying after the conclusion of the meet to tear down concessions. You will be standing or walking for the duration of the shift.

Snow-Cone Sales (Friday practice and Saturday home meets): Volunteer is responsible for sales of snow cones. Snow cones are sold during Friday practices for most of the season and you would be required to be present for the entirety of practice. Snow cones are sold during Saturday home meets and you would be required to help with set up prior to sales and tear down following the conclusion of the meet.

Friday Night Transportation/Truck Loading: Volunteer will meet the equipment manager at the storage facility to load all of the meet equipment into a truck for transportation to the pool.

Saturday Morning Meet Set-Up: Set up begins at 6:00 AM for home meets and 45 minutes prior to warm up for away meets. Volunteers are required for total set up of meet so much lifting and carrying is required. Responsibilities range from setting up all tents and bleachers to installing the diving blocks. All set up volunteers MUST arrive on time! If a volunteer arrives late for set-up, they might not receive credit for the shift.

Meet Take down: Volunteer stays until the completion of the meet and will help tear down everything from the meet (ex. lane ropes, tents, starting blocks, etc.) You will also assist with loading everything onto the truck for return to the storage room at the direction of the Equipment Manager. Take down volunteers will also need to meet the Equipment Manager at the storage facility to unload the truck into the storage room. This role requires lifting.

Parking Lot Monitor: Volunteer monitors the parking areas prior to and during the meet. Parking lot monitor needs to be in position by 6:45 a.m. and may check in with the volunteer table after the meet begins.

Tarp Clean-up: Volunteer will do work at home following an away meet. You must stay until meet take down is complete and then take all tarps home for cleaning. Volunteer will have to deliver the clean, dry tarps to the equipment manager prior to the next meet.

Set Up for Awards Banquet: Volunteer assists the Events Coordinator with set up for the season-end awards banquet.

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