Coach Craig's Corner Week 4

Coach Craig’s Corner

Once again a great swim meet vs Walden Waves. Even though we fell short by about 10 points in the score, we still had swimmers dropping time and qualifying for the 2 earned invitationals after Divisional meet, Ponderosa & All Stars.
Speaking of Divisional meet, this is THE most important meet of the season. The results of this meet determines how we finish in our division. I’ve heard a few parents, with very qualified Stingray swimmers say they would not be attending the divisional meet because it is too long. I would hope they reconsider and sign up and swim in the divisional meet this Saturday @ Summer Creek HS. We could really use every qualified Stingray swimmer to contribute for the final & most meaningful swim meet and every point will count. Thanks

See you at the pool😎
Coach Craig.

I would like to add something to Craig's message. Our swimmers work so hard all season to miss out on such a fun meet. yes, it is a little longer than other meets, but it is well worth the time that is spent. We have indoor setup, you get to hang out with some of the coolest folks in the neighborhood again, and your swimmer gets to experience swimming in a "big pool." I also ask that reconsider signing up your swimmer if they are able to swim in this meet. Remember that they have had to participate in at least 2 dual meets and swim a 25 in under 1:30. (This is MOST of our swimmers!)

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